Made By Few 2018

Client: Few
File Under: Art Direction, Type Design, Illustration, Branding

The agency Few based in Little Rock, Arkansas asked us to create the identity for their 2018 Made By Few conference, as well as give a talk at the event, which will be playfully (not seriously) titled “How to Work with Your Spouse and Not Murder Them”. 

A few shapes make up a letter, just as a few people with a passion can effect change. Our affection for stenciled letters came through on all aspects of this project, which showed itself throughout the branding system. This included multiple wordmark lockups, custom stencil typeface “Stencil Charles”, sticker sheets, tote bags, name tags, and the MXF website, which we collaborated on with Few to develop.

MBF_stickersheet_Artboard 2 copy 2.jpg