Typefight Heavyweight Series

File Under: Lettering, Illustration
Printed By: Mama’s Sauce

Originally created for Typefight’s Heavyweight Series, we went head-to-head on this one! It behooves us to include Typefight’s amazing descriptions of our pieces (below). These pieces are both available for purchase for a limited time.



Over the course of a very long winter, James Gatsby and William Wonka had a wonderful, vulgar affair, and this is the consequence of their forbidden love. Kelly Thorn has captured all the sweet, rapturous beauty of those art-deco ice-cream-cone candy-mountain nights in this M-portrait.


12 inches x 12 inches. Navy Blue and Metallic Bronze on French Muscletone Pure White.

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To call this letter Ivy-League would be an understatement, this M is downright regal. Vividly handsome, endlessly charming, and printed with polished copper ink, you’re gonna feel like a million pennies with this dreamboat on the wall.